Sunday, May 17, 2009

rockers of t town

Rockers of t town.
Thanks for having sweet water.
The show at Hells kitchen was sold out and was also the best one we have played this year.
Thanks to Ty from GAQS for jumping up and singing with us.

Tacoma rules.
We will be back.

cole gets mvp.


Rawkmedicine said...

I put a couple vids from the show on YouTube and Sweet Water's ning site.


Saw those vids they were off the hook! I'm sure glad someone was doing some videoing! Good job Friday night I loved it, it's the first time I've seen you guys since Pain in the Grass 1995!! I was only nine years old! I met Adam right before he went on stage, I don't know if he'd remember and also met you guys at your CD signing for Super Friends way back when and won tickets for the concert at the Moore Theater You guys have been so awesome thanks for everything! You have a life time fan here!!