Friday, April 25, 2008


I swear to God this new album is going to blow your minds…


I just heard a taste of what Adam and Cole have been writing/recording and it’s the best yet. I guess Paul’s been writing a bunch of the songs too.


This latest album is going to be seriously bad ass. My personal favorite is a song called Grass is Green.  I guess it will be finished be June.


Mr. Chimpy (Credo’s Guitar Tech)


Rawkmedicine said...

I can't wait. All of a sudden Def Leppard's new album isn't the biggest release of the year for me!

Go Sweet Water!

Anonymous said...

are you guys going to play again? I went and saw you guys play bumbershoot. and my mind was blown. i then followed you guys down the west coast for the superfreinds tour. wtf? lets get some new shows roling.

your #1 fan